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Bilingual Group

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Bilingual Group

Following many years of experience in providing a specially designed internationally-oriented approach to English-speaking childcare, we are delighted to offer bilingual (ENG-DUTCH) Day Care groups at The Little Castle in Voorburg and The Willows in Leidschenveen.

Bilingual upbringing and its advantages
This new provision aims to meet the desire for such a service amongst the growing number of expat families choosing for long-term assignments and even lifetime careers in the Netherlands - as well as the ever-increasing number of international and internationally-oriented families in The Hague region who recognize the many advantages a bilingual upbringing can offer. 

Read on to find out more... 

The programme

Similar to our English-speaking groups, the bilingual groups follow Zein’s unique Early Childhood Curriculum (click for more info). To completely immerse the children in both languages throughout each day, songs and nursery rhymes during meal and clean up time are conducted in both English and Dutch, while the main activities of the day and the twice daily circle times are delivered in either Dutch or English as per the schedule below. 

Morning Circle Time:  English
Morning Activity:  Toddlers (ages 0 – 2.5 years):  English
                              Pre-Schoolers (ages 2.5 – 4 years): Dutch
Afternoon Circle Time: Dutch
Afternoon Activity:  Toddlers (ages 0 – 2.5 years): Dutch
                                Pre-Schoolers (ages 2.5 – 4 years): English
Outdoor Play: The main language spoken by the teachers will be English to ensure integration and meaningful interaction between the children from different groups. Children are free to communicate in any language of choice. 

Balancing English and Dutch in an international environment

We aim to carefully balance the nationalities of the children and the language(s) they speak at home to ensure a truly international environment where one language doesn’t take consistent predominance over the other. 

While teaching, developing and caring for the children, one teacher consistently speaks English with the children whilst the other consistently speaks Dutch – similar as you would find in a bilingual household. On the group, each teacher speaks the language they have ownership of at native level, whilst also being proficient in the language owned by their colleague. 

The group set-up

Available to children aged 0 – 4 years*, our bilingual group offers a Vertical Group Integration approach that mimics the home environment where siblings co-exist side by side and happily interact and learn from each other - building natural cross-age relationships, while developing at their own pace. This grouping approach is integral to our programme and helps to ensure that each child feels happy, loved and at home.

To support a smooth and successful start for the children, the group will open end of August with 4-5 children. During the following weeks and months, numbers will gradually increase to a maximum of 13 children per day (places can be reserved for 1-5 days per week).

*One of the two groups at The Little Castle is available to children aged 13 months - 4 years only. 


Contact Details

Registration for the bilingual group is open! Complete the registration form for your child by clicking here.
Registration is possible for one to five days per week.