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Back to School - Our Top Tips for a Smooth Transition

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Back to School - Our Top Tips for a Smooth Transition

Back to School - Our Top Tips for a Smooth Transition
Thursday, August 26, 2021

With the new school year approaching fast, it's time to start looking at how to ensure a smooth transition into the new term for the whole family. Establishing traditions you can enjoy together at the end of summer as you welcome the new school year can help the whole family to enjoy and prepare for the changes ahead. It can also help those living a transient life to create a sense of stability and familiarity, wherever you are in the world! Here are our top tips for a smooth start! 


Take a trip out to buy school supplies together. Let your child pick out their favourite pencil case, lunch box, water bottle and any other supplies they need. Remember, the more they like it, the more excited they will be to pack their bag before school!   

Design name tags for your child’s belongings together. There are numerous websites where you can personalise stickers with fonts, colours and illustrations, allowing your child to express their personality!  Click here to view an example! 

Talk about the year ahead. Have a conversation about the different things your child will learn this year, about new teachers at school and friends in class! Will your child study any new classes this year?  

Encourage your child to write a letter to give to their new teacher. They could tell their teacher about what they enjoyed doing over the summer, what they like to read and what they are excited to learn this year.  

Establish a new routine before and after school.  Routines support a sense of accomplishment in children and the routine should be simple and well-defined, with clear steps to follow. Design an easy-to-reference schedule together (with pictures!) that engage your child and provides a visual guide for what they need to do next. Include things like homework, teeth brushing, getting dressed, putting pyjamas on, and other daily tasks you want your child to do independently.  

Try these conversation starter cards about school life

Ensure you have time to connect with your child. Try to create an open space where they know they can share their feelings with you - this will be helpful going through the inevitable ups and downs of school life. For younger kids, use these quiz cards designed by Zein International Childcare as conversation starters about school life. Turning this kind of discussion into a game helps children to open up – and is a lovely screen-free activity that you can use to get to know your child even better.  

A calm start to the first day. On the first day of school, try to enjoy a stress-free atmosphere. Give the whole family plenty of time to get ready and enjoy a healthy, filling and special breakfast together as a family to celebrate the day.  

It’s not all about homework. Organise time for your child to relax at the end of the school day – whether that’s at OSC or playing together for half an hour before tea. 

Make sure you have arranged After School Care. After school care is a great option if you need regular childcare and want to ensure a stable routine for your child from the beginning of the academic year. Zein International Childcare is the leading provider of international childcare services in the Netherlands, offering Day Care, Pre-School, After School and Holiday Care across multiple locations in The Hague region. Our After School Care offers a worthy extension to the day and engages children in a wide range of sports, arts, music, theatre – of course, with plenty of friends around!