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Autumn Camps are off to a great start!

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Autumn Camps are off to a great start!

Autumn Camps are off to a great start!
Friday, October 21, 2016

The Autumn Camp, our very first holiday camp of the school year 2016-17, is off to a great start! The full and varied programme of differently themed day camps provided our campers with a holiday experience to remember. Read on to find out what our campers have been up to so far…

As part of the ‘Adventurous Pirates’ theme, our older campers created their very own treasure maps. To give the map an old and wrinkled look, the children stained the paper by pressing wet teabags onto the paper. Once the paper had dried, the children put their imagination to the test and worked together to illustrate the map. At the same time, the younger campers used paint to make a pirate’s head out of their own hand print.

The ‘Young Chefs’ theme allowed the children to prepare two dishes each. Following an introduction to kitchen safety, the older campers focussed on creating ‘crispy witch fingers’ from chicken while the younger children used cookie cutters to create ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ cheese sandwiches. For desert our young chefs prepared choco balls and strawberry tiramisu.

An absolute highlight of the ‘Young Artists’ day was the making of an autumn leaves mask, an activity that required the children to go outside to collect leaves, which they then glued onto a mask. Also good fun was the creation of monster robots with goggly eyes. 

As always, the weekly programme also included two exciting fieldtrips. The KidsZoo in Noordwijkerhout offered our campers a playing paradise adventure in the form of scrambling, climbing, sliding and playing. The fieldtrip to the Kinderwerkplaats offered fun of a different kind as the children got to choose from over 20 different activities relating to crafts and science through which they play and learn through discovery.

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