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Activities To Connect with Family During Lockdown

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Activities To Connect with Family During Lockdown

Activities To Connect with Family During Lockdown
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

With travel restrictions still in place, we still aren't able to see many of our loved ones. Try getting creative with activities that will prompt discussion about family and help them remember fun times they have spent with family! 

Craft Activities

  • Create a frame using cardboard and craft materials for your child's favourite photo of family or friends. Once completed and dry, hang it up in your bedroom
  • Write a letter to a loved one who you haven't seen in a long time. Tell them what you have been doing in lockdown and what you are excited to do with them when you see them again! If your child can't write yet, talk about it, write it for them and post the letter together. 
  • Create a collage to remember fun times with loved ones. Print photos of friends and family, cut out the images and stick them to a big sheet of paper before decorating it with your child's favourite colours and words associated with friends. Don't forget to hang it where your child can see it! 
  • Landmark Craft If your family lives abroad, help your child connect with that place by selecting a local landmark Build that landmark out of recycled cardboard together and send a photo of it to the family who live there! 

 Social Activities

  • Create a dance to a song you love and record your performance - with costumes! Send to a family member to brighten up their day or perform it on a video call! 
  • Video call a yogi friend and ask them to host a yoga session for the kids! Family fun and exercise all rolled into one! 
  • Play Pictionary online with a family member. Write down drawing prompts before an online call and ask your child to draw pictures of the prompts in front of the camera whilst the family member on your call guesses! 
  • Write a bedtime story together with your child and record a video of them telling the story. Send to a friend or family member with children who can play it to them before bed. You may even get a new bedtime story in return! 


We hope that these activities help your child to connect with family, even if they are far away! Be sure to check our Facebook page for healthy recipes and more activity ideas to supplement the weekly activity guides you receive throughout the temporary closure period.