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Partnering with Zein

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Partnering with Zein

We are a forward thinking, ambitious company with a mission to provide services to internationals across the Netherlands and beyond.  

We know from experience that Day Care locations work well when located either in the residential areas of internationals, or close by (groupings of) international schools. We stand open to the acquisition of key properties suitable for childcare use located in these areas .  

For the provision of After School Care we establish close partnerships with international schools - either providing care in dedicated facilities on campus or at a nearby external location.  We stand open to potential future partnerships with international schools located in areas outside of The Hague.

Interested in a partnership?
If you are interested in discussing a potential partnership with Zein, or are aware of properties suitable for future development, please email Pauline de Zwart - Manager Marketing & Communications - or contact us on +31 (0)70 200 2374.