Choices Guidance System

Zein Childcare uses The Choices SystemChoices System: Raising Happy & Confident Children
All our teachers use a unique guidance system – ‘Choices’ – that Robbie Zein developed about 20 years ago, and has been implementing with outstanding success ever since. The system offers children a fun and playful environment in which they learn the vital link between actions and their consequences. Once children learn to become aware of this link, their self-esteem starts to grow as they discover a new level of responsibility within themselves, as well as enjoying more trust from their care givers. This guidance system also increases their general reasoning and decision-making abilities.

The Choices system is not based on rewards and punishments. We do not punish children for simply being themselves and discovering the world around them – what we aim to achieve is to demonstrate to the child that every choice they make has consequences. By using this system, we guide the children into making choices that have positive consequences for them and others around them. A choice made that may have negative consequences is not punished; it is simply met with a reduction of the future choices that are available to the child. Not only do children love this system, they were also instrumental in developing it. Eventually, the system developed into one that is now universally applicable to children of all ages and all settings, be it day care, school, home or camps etc. The basic Choices system has slowly been customised according to age group, from toddlers’ right up to teenagers.

“Whilst counseling a small group of children with behavioural issues, I discovered that the children reacted intuitively to the link between action and consequence.” – Robbie Zein

Choices Book
The book ‘Choices – A Calm and Punishment Free Way to Raise Happy and Confident Children’  was published as a result of the many
requests Robbie received from parents to share her approach. The Choices System becomes even more powerful when the same approach is used both inside and outside the home, so every family receives a copy upon starting at Zein.

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