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Zein Innovations

"At Zein it’s not just about what we do, it’s about how we do it."

This approach to childcare is embedded in all aspects of the organisation at Zein, including the interior design of our locations. You will never find walls painted in bright primary colours, or hard edged white melamine cupboards giving a clinical type feeling to the surroundings. Instead, Zein favours a natural approach with beautiful stylish wallpaper, soft carpeted areas and spaces furnished ‘just like home’.

The interior design of Zein Childcare centres is, in fact, so integral to our approach that when Co-Founder Jan van der Meijden couldn’t find the kind of furniture he was looking for – when furnishing the ‘Estate’ location – he decided the best solution was to design their own! So, with the help Kids-F, an interior designer and interior architect, the ‘Dutch DeZein’ furniture line for children was born.

Using smooth wooden forms, the natural and homely children’s furniture line brings the outdoors inside by using organic shapes reminiscent of a tree. The tables and chairs feature veins and knots, the sides of the cabinets are designed to look like tree trunks and the cots have little ones sleeping below the branches of a tree. The extensive line also consists of stylish but practical items specially designed for use in childcare – cabinets for the backpacks of after school care children, a cabinet especially designed for use by the group leaders, and toddler beds that can be stacked in the corner when not in use.

In addition to the homely and organic feel that the furniture brings to the rooms, the line also includes pieces that support the imaginative play aspect of Zein’s pedagogic vision – like a kitchenette with adult and child height sinks, and a play arch set up where, with the help of a large blanket, a play hut can be created and children can let their imagination run wild…

After countless requests from parents wanting to buy elements of the range, we are delighted to announce: DeZein furniture is now available in 97 countries via