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Parent Testimonials

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Parent Testimonials

''Just keep doing what you are doing fantastically!''

The above statement was recently made by one of our current 'Zein families'. For more statements from our clients, please click on the relevant section below.

If you are a current Zein family, and would like to share your opinion with us, please email us at: - we would love to hear from you!

What our parents say about our Day Care provision

''The dedicated teachers in the Raspberries Room have done a great job and could not be praised enough. All three have qualities that any teacher should have – it has been a pleasure to leave our child in their care.''

''We are extremely happy that we have found Zein childcare for our daughter, after she has spent a few troublesome months at a Dutch crèche. Our daughter loves the place and we love the enthusiasm and caring of the caretakers. We also love the fresh organic food cooked every day. Keep on with the good work!''

''You have a great team and excellent facilities. Our son always enjoyed coming to Zein a lot. It is an absolutely lovely place for children full of friendliness and high professionalism.''

''I would like to show my appreciation of veryone's ethos at Zein - to go over and beyond. As with many parents I feel rather guilty and sad not to spend more time out of work and with the children but this is greatly relieved knowing how happy and cared for he is with you. Living the expat life and away from grandparents and family support I genuinely feel Zein is the closest thing we have to a family child care arrangement here. It is exceptional. Thank you for all your care and love. My son told me last night that he loved his teacher Cornelia. As his language develops I can't wait to hear all the other things and people he loves at Zein.''

''Thank you all for the excellent care and support you have provided during the years our son has been at Day Care, and After School Care.''

''We are very pleased by the quality of Zein and all the help that you have given our son up to now.''

''We are very happy with our son attending Zein and it is one of our main concerns to find the same level of care for him when we move abroad.''

''All the kind gestures, extra attention for our son and extra care in general means a lot to us, especially as we are alone here in this country and have no family support. We will never forget Zein throughout our life.''

''Thank you for all your love, joy, dedication and never ending patience. We will always remember Robbie's Place (now known as The Willows).''

''Thank you for your wishes and please let the Raspberries know that my son is doing great at school. He has made friends and truly enjoys going to school. We have received positive feedback from his teachers […] I could proudly tell that it is because the excellent tuition at the Zein Childcare.''

''His piano teacher told that all the children who come to her from Zein seem to have some positive strength and power, which she could not exactly define. You have clearly made an impact.''

''As always, we are truly grateful to the Zein team who have become like family to us. We have watched our son thrive and grow into a beautiful, loving and curious little boy and a large part of this is because of the caring and loving environment Zein offers. We are so grateful for each and everyone one of you, with special thanks to his teachers.''

“I would like to say that I am really happy with the teachers. Especially Zoe has helped me so much with my child's sleeping and eating habits and I am really grateful.”

'' I would like to express my heartful gratitude for the care that my son received in the Raspberries class from the teachers. I would also like to express my appreciation to the location manager of The Maples Lucie Conte for her helpfulness and professionalism.  At the last day (today), my son told me that you are the best nursery school in the world :-)''

'' Thank you for the farewell party you organized for our son. He was so happy when he came home and so satisfied with his superb experience at The Maples! Congratulations for the great job you are doing.  A special thanks for preparing a Transformers hat for his last day, he really loved it. We will miss you dearly but we will continue to be around as in October our son will join  the afterschool care program.''

''I wanted to extend to The Maples team my family's sincere appreciation for all the support, help and love given to my son during the months he was attending day-care.  He received the necessary attention to guide his behaviour and responded very positively to the Zein's approach, we as parents received also valuable guidance on how to help him achieve his full potential and observed the close ties he developed with his teachers, classmates and other Zein team members, this was reassuring as we knew he was in a loving and caring environment.  He was without a doubt a happy child at The Maples!''

''It is inspiring seeing how the manager of the location is so much involved in the day to day attention to the kids and the parents as well.''

''Thank you so much for looking after our daughter so well at Zein. She has absolutely loved every day. You have been like fairy godmothers to her and she will miss you so much.''

''I was looking at the photos you gave me on my son's last day and I thought I was really lucky to have you all supporting me during my six-month mission in the Hague. I would like to say a big Thank You to the teachers. Thank you ladies for all your efforts, your patience, your dedication and your passion. You set the standards very high and I am unable to stop comparing your performance with those of my son's new school though its standards are very high too. Thank you again for helping my daughter learn English, for teaching him politeness and for supporting her in her independence journey. All your efforts are very much appreciated. You played a big role in the success of my mission in the Netherlands.''

What our parents say about Pre-School provision

''Thank you for making this first school experience so special for our family and especially for our daughter.''

''Our daughter enjoyed her time at Zein very much and we have seen the progress in her too. All her teachers have been extremely patient and nurturing, which made a huge impact on her Pre-School life. We would definitely recommend Zein to our friends.''

''Today on the last day of the school year, I would like to thank the pre-school teachers and management of Zein for their wonderful work and support. Our son has learnt a lot during his days at Zein. It is all because of the hard work his teachers have put in that he is now a more confident kid than ever before.''

What our parents say about our After School Care provision

''Just keep doing what you are doing fantastically!''

''Staff are exceptionally friendly and very professional.''

''Special thanks to all the staff for the care you have provided for our son since the first day he started at Zein. We are very happy with your services and would select Zein again if the opportunity arose.''

''I was very impressed by the professional, serious and very friendly attitude of the whole staff we met at Robbie’s Place, both towards children and parents. They really gave me the impression they were loving what they were doing.''

''I just feel to express our sincere gratitude for all the outstanding child care service we have been receiving […] the team is just FANTASTIC ! ''

''Please accept our sincere thanks. We really appreciate the flexibility you have shown till date for both working parents like us. Really happy to have chosen Zein as our daughter’s after school care.''

What our parents say about our Holiday Camps?

''I was very impressed by the professional, serious and very friendly attitude of the whole staff we met at The Willows, both towards children and parents. They really gave me the impression they were loving what they were doing.''

''I had the feeling that each child was considered individually with special attention to their feelings, age and desires, all that within the limit of the positive discipline in place during the camp.''

''We have been a client since our eldest child started reception (6 years old now) and can only say great things about Zein Childcare and the teachers.''

''My daughter really enjoyed the camp. It was a good balance of time spent at the location and time on field trips. We will definitely come to zein again.''

''The staff at The Oaks is fantastic! They make every single child feel welcome and special (and the parents too) :) Thank you for taking such great care.''

''The group leaders are amazing. They bring about a very good atmosphere and we're very fond of them. This location is quite far away from our home, but it is worth the travel because the children like it best.''